Industrial Sump Pumps

March 23, 2016
You may or may not have heard of an industrial sump pumps system but if you haven’t, here is a brief explanation of what it is. A sump pump is basically a drainage system designed for basements and many US homes will have one installed.

The sump pump is responsible for preventing the flooding of the basement or entire home by redirecting water that enters the basement through a pumping action. The water is channeled out of the house to an area where the water can be absorbed. Industrial sump pumps serve the same purpose with the slight difference that it is capable of dealing with increased levels of flooding and is often more durable than a conventional sump pump system.

Industrial Sump Pumps Protect The Basement From Water Damage

Whether you operate a business from the basement of your home or use it as a storage room for expensive equipment, installing industrial sump pumps makes perfect sense. With the prevalence of flooding in several states in the US these days, many homeowners have realized that it is simply not worth to foot the bills for expensive repairs to the damage that flooding causes. In addition it is not always possible to even replace valuable or treasured personal possessions such as antiques.

Having industrial sump pumps as part of your basement drainage system really is a small price to pay for the comfort and peace of mind that you will get from knowing that your home, business and family are safe. While many industrial sump pumps run off the electricity supply, it is also possible to get battery powered sump pumps to be used as a backup should the main sump pump fail for some reason and is unable to function properly.

How Do Industrial Sump Pumps Work

Like conventional sump pumps, industrial sump pumps contain a float switch with a sump pump cover as a vital part of the system. Its primary function is to activate the sump pump to begin channeling the water away when the floater detects the level of water in the sump to be too high or past a certain level. The water is then pumped through the industrial pump that lead to a well or lawn, etc.

Industrial Sump Pumps

Although there are plenty of tutorials that will show you how industrial sump pumps are installed you would be far better off leaving this job to the professionals. Essentially, industrial sump pumps are the saving grace for your home or business when you need it most. Don't get caught out with torrential rain and flooding - protect your basement today.

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