Sump Pump Cover

Sump pump cover is effectively a lid that is placed over a sump pump pit which serves as a drainage system in the basement. A staggering large number of homes in the US suffer damage from flooding alone each year. Whether the basement is used as a living quarters or simply for storage in the home, valuables can be lost if there is no sump pump system and sump pump cover in place.

Reasons For Installing A Sump Pump Cover

  • There are many reasons why one would need to have a sump pump cover for the drainage system:
  • The cover serves as a general protection to the sump pump system. It prevents foreign objects from getting into the system that might obstruct parts and hinder the proper operation of the drainage system.
  • Another major advantage of having a sump pump cover in place is to prevent children or small animals from falling into it.
  • Having a good sump pump cover can prevent hazardous radon gas from escaping into the air. Even though the cover may not be able to take care of the gas leakage totally, it helps to minimize the exposure while you look for a permanent solution to fix the gas leakage.
  • The cover for the sump pump liner or pit has the ability to mask the noise of the sump pump in operation.
  • It also offers optimum protection for your home in the event of flooding.
  • The overall appearance of the sump pit is improved by installing a sump pump cover. This in turn affects the market value of your home in a positive way.
  • The peace of mind that the drainage system and sump pump cover gives you simply cannot be quantified in dollars and cents.

Where To Get A Sump Pump Cover

It is generally encouraged that those who have a sump pump pit should also have a cover. Sump pump cover usually comes in two types: solid cover and perforated cover. Your local building laws may state that the pit must be accessible at all times so make sure that there are no obstructions around the cover.

sump pump cover
A sump pump cover is not an expensive item and can be purchased at the time you install the pit. It can also be bought afterwards, from most good home improvement stores or sump pump manufacturers. An easy way would be to purchase the sump pump cover online through stores such as Amazon which offers a wide range of covers for your selection.

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