Choosing A Sump Pump Check Valve

Sump pump check valve is an important component of a sump pump system. Firstly we should consider the basic reason for having a sump pump system installed - that is preventing flooding and water damage to the property where the system is installed.

Sump pump systems are located in the lowest part of the basement in the property and start to work when the water level in the basement reaches a certain height. The function of the sump pump check valve, even in water powered sump pumps, is to prevent water from flowing back through the pump and into the sump pit once the pump has turned off.

Choosing A Sump Pump Check Valve

There are a number of different types of check valve on the market and they vary considerably not only in price but also in performance. When choosing the check valve for your system you should consider:
  • The frequency of flooding and therefore frequency of use
  • The anticipated severity of any flooding
  • The type of sump pump system in use
  • The location of the sump pump and therefore the access required for maintenance
  • Budget available
  • Desired material of the valve - this will not only impact on performance but also the life span of the valve
  • Desired speed at which the water is to be moved
  • Power level of the pump in use
  • Importance of noise reduction
Installing a sump pump check valve is normally a very quick and simple process. Although the type of pump being used and the power of the pump being used will have some bearing on the check valve you get, one of the most important things to consider is the diameter of the piping used to carry the water away from the property, as the valve used should be no smaller in diameter than the piping being used.

Benefits Of Having A Sump Pump Check Valve

Fitting the right sump pump check valve in your system can help to prolong the life of your sump pump. Each time the water flows back through the sump pump and then into the sump pit, it adds wear and tear to your sump pump as it is essentially has to pump out the same water twice.
Investing in a good check valve can prolong the life of your sump pump and therefore save you money in the long run.

Maintenance Of Sump Pump And Sump Pump Check Valve

A good quality sump pump that has been fitted correctly will rarely require maintenance and should have a long life span. However if you do find that your sump pump is not functioning correctly, a quick check of the sump pump check valve may reveal the problem.

One common problem that can lead to reduced performance is compressed air that has become trapped between the sump pump and the sump pump check valve. Creating a small opening in the pipe leading from the sump pump to the valve can help to relive the air pressure and have the pump performance back to normal in no time.
Fitting the right sump pump system in your property is very important if you want to provide the right level of protection. In addition, you must also remember that the sump pump check valve is just as important as the rest of the system.

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  1. I like that you talked about considering the material of the valve. I have been looking for check valve to install this month. I haven't thought much about which material to choose. I'll have to keep looking at different valves. Thanks for the information!

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