Sump Pump Pit

Due to the fact that flooding occurs occasionally due to bad weather and natural disasters, having a good sump pump drainage system in the basement has now become a necessity. With a reliable drainage system in place, you can avoid the occurrence of flooding which usually cause unnecessary financial expenses and mental anguish to everyone in the family. A sump pump pit is part of the drainage system and functions like a container that collects water entering the basement and discards it through the sump pump.

Installing Sump Pump Pit In Your Basement

Before you purchase a sump pump you will first need to get ready the sump pump pit. If you have just purchased a brand-new house with basement, it is likely to come with sump pump pit already installed. If your house does not have a sump pump pit, it is recommended that you engage the professionals to install it for you.

How the drainage system works is that once the water level in the sump pump pit reaches a certain level, the sump pump will get activated by a float switch. Water can then be drained onto a lawn, well, drain or flowerbed; any surface where water can be absorbed.

The drainage system essentially comprises of a sump pump, sump pump pit and a pipe to discharge the unwanted water. The whole contraption should be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure proper operation. Debris, soil and traces of water left behind can cause blockages or leave behind an unpleasant scent.

Importance Of Having A Good Drainage System

The main function of the drainage system is to keep the basement area dry and prevent flooding. The most obvious benefit of having a sump pump pit as part of the drainage system in your basement is the prevention of your home from being flooded, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the structure of your home not to mention valuable possessions.

Let's face it, the expense of installing a sump pump pit and the cost of purchasing a sump pump cannot compare with what you otherwise might be faced with if the foundations to your property gets damaged. Even if there is a power outage, you can ensure that this does not affect you by having a battery operated sump pump as a backup.

sump pump pit
If there isn't a sump pump pit and reliable drainage system already installed in your home upon moving in, it is highly recommended that you hire a recognized waterproofing contractor to install one for you. It is not advisable that you try to install it yourself because of the complexity of the job. It is now also possible to have a sump pump pit installed in your basement that comes fitted with an alarm. A basement sump pumps system offers an invaluable peace of mind for those whose homes are most at risk of flooding.

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