Water Powered Sump Pumps

Water powered sump pumps , also known as emergency back up pumps, is an essential component in a good and reliable sump pump system. The job of sump pumps is to protect the home or business property from flooding and water damage such as damp and rot. Whilst everyone wants to believe they have invested in a reliable primary pump there are times when the pump may fail due to mechanical breakdown or other reasons.

If you live in an area at high risk of flooding then you may wish to invest in a back up pump for your sump pump system and water powered sump pumps is one of the back up pumps available to you.

Why Choose Water Powered Sump Pumps?

At times of flooding you can often also be faced with a power cut so having a back up pump that runs on water rather than electricity or battery power can make all the difference and prevent you from being faced with a huge bill to repair the damage caused by flooding.

If you are taking the time and money to invest in a sump pump system then you should also consider the benefits of a good back up system - if your main system fails and you have no back up system in place, then you are essentially wasting your money.

How Do Water Powered Sump Pumps Work?

Water powered sump pumps works off the mains water supply. As the water from the mains supply passes through the pump it creates a drop in pressure which leads to a vacuum developing which allows the pump to ’suck up’ the water that is in the sump pit. Once the pump is working and the water is being sucked up it is moved down a disposal pipe and away from the property thus preventing flooding.

Water powered sump pumps, generally used as emergency back up systems rather than as the main sump pump system, perform the same role and are invaluable as a back up system. Water powered sump pumps will work even if the power is out and you are not in to turn the back up system on. So even if you are away from the property at the time of potential flooding you can rest assured that the back up system will kick in even if the primary system fails.

The emergency water sump pump system works in much the same way as any other sump pump. When the float switch attached to the back up pump reaches a certain height (usually higher than what is allowed if the primary system is working) the pump is automatically triggered. A valve opens up allowing the mains water to flow through the pump causing the suction, which will allow the water to be pumped away from the property.

Other forms of back up pumps include battery powered systems. However, this relies on you checking and maintaining the battery level of the sump pump and if you are away from the property for a prolonged period of time and are unable to perform this check, it may lead to the back up system failing alongside the failure of the main system. For this reason many people prefer and recommend water powered sump pumps system with sump pump float switch. If you are looking for normal sump pump as your main sump pump system, you may want to consider popular brands like the Flotec sump pumps and Zoeller sump pumps.

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