Basement Sump Pumps

Many homes have been saved from the damaging effects of flood waters simply by having basement sump pumps. These wonderful devices are designed to keep your basement or lowest level in your home free of water.

Basement Sump Pumps Pit

The drainage system include essential components like the sump pit, sump pump and sump pump float switch. Basement sump pumps should be installed in a small pit or hole in your basement floor, usually just a little bit bigger than the pump itself.

If rainwater soaks the ground surrounding your home it will likely appear in your basement first in the pit. If flood water begins to enter your basement then the pit will fill up first as it is below ground level. The basement sump pumps pit is necessary so that the pump can quickly recognize that there is too much water surrounding it. If there were no pit then you could find that there needs to be several inches of water in your basement before the sump pump kicks into action.

Basement Sump Pumps Drainage

Basement sump pumps have a pipe running from the pump itself connecting to your waste water pipe. This is so that any water pumped out of the basement is directed through waste water channels.
In order to ensure basement sump pumps are draining and working correctly and efficiently you should check on it regularly. First make sure there is nothing in the sump pump pit that can possibly affect its operations, such as soil or debris. Obstructions can block basement sump pumps and prevent them from working efficiently, or at all. In order for basement sump pumps to function, they need to be connected to a power supply. If you use your basement power supply for other things as well, ensure that the pump is always left plugged in when you leave.

You can also test basement sump pumps by pouring water into the sump pump pit. Once the pump realizes water is above a certain level it could kick in and start draining the water from the pit. Watch the water drain and make sure the pump then switches itself off when the water is all gone. If it is not working correctly you should have it serviced or replaced.

Basement sump pumps are essential in safeguarding your property. With so many homes in America dealing with issues relating to wetness of the ground below their home, basement sump pumps with a sump pump drainage system are a good choice for every home owner. They can prevent issues with mold, mildew and rotting wood that give rise to structural problems and also cause health issues in the home.

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