Water Sump Pumps

Water sump pumps are usually installed in the basement of a house in order to protect the property from water damage. Houses that are built in wet areas that usually have a lot of rainfall or that are affected when the winter freeze starts to thaw can experience problems with flooding which usually occurs in the spring. As a result many houses will have water sump pumps installed in the basement as this is where most of the water will enter the home.

Water Sump Pumps Keep Your Home Dry 

Water sumps pumps are fitted at the lowest part of the home so that they can collect the water that enters the house. One of the ways that water can enter your basement is through the natural water table. With the aid of water sump pumps, you can protect your home from water damage by keeping the basement as dry as possible.

A special pit is dug into the ground for the water sump pumps to sit. When water starts to collect in the pit, it is the job of the water sump pumps to get rid of the water. This is done by pumping the water out through a pipe and channeling it to a safe distance away from the house.

Most water sump pumps remain inactive and in standby mode until a pressure switch turn them on. There is usually a valve that will be activated as soon as the water level of the sump pit rises to a specified danger level. When this happens the water sump pumps starts working by pumping the water away from your home. In this way the sump pump drainage system helps to keep your house dry and protected.

Two Main Types Of Water Sump Pumps 

There are two main types of water sump pumps that you can find on the market. They are the automatic sump pumps and the manual sump pumps. Both types of sump pumps are further classified as residential sump pumps and industrial sump pumps.

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With an automatic sump pump you will be required to do very little in order to get it to work at its most efficient. This type of water sump pumps gets activated on its own by means of a switch that senses the water level. Similarly it returns to inactive mode once the water has been drained off. On the other hand if you choose to get water sump pumps that are manually operated, then you will obviously need to keep a check on the water level that is in your basement and use the pump accordingly.

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