August 2015

Sump Pump Alarm

Sump pump alarm is a device to alert you when your sump pump is not functioning well. We all have heard stories of how, after a night of prolonged and heavy rain, some homeowners wake up in the morning only to find that everything in the basement is wet and damaged from the downpour. Some people question how this could have happened when they already have sump pump systems installed in their property. The answer to this lies in the sump pump alarm.

Choosing A Sump Pump Check Valve

Sump pump check valve is an important component of a sump pump system. Firstly we should consider the basic reason for having a sump pump system installed - that is preventing flooding and water damage to the property where the system is installed.

Sump Pump Cover

Sump pump cover is effectively a lid that is placed over a sump pump pit which serves as a drainage system in the basement. A staggering large number of homes in the US suffer damage from flooding alone each year. Whether the basement is used as a living quarters or simply for storage in the home, valuables can be lost if there is no sump pump system and sump pump cover in place.