September 2015

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are generally operated using electricity and some can also be fitted with alarms. This is a great thing to have except for one major concern: what happens when the power or sump pump fails for some reason? That's where battery backup sump pumps come to the rescue and give homeowners the much needed peace of mind. Even in the event of a power failure you can feel assured that your home will not flood during storms and torrential rainfall because that's the aim of the battery backup sump pumps - it kicks into action when it is most needed.

Sump Pump Problems

The importance of having a sump pump in the basement cannot be underestimated as it is responsible for keeping the home flood free. However, there are many sump pump problems that can occur, leaving the system vulnerable and opened to the possibility of not operating correctly.

Sump Pump Pit

Due to the fact that flooding occurs occasionally due to bad weather and natural disasters, having a good sump pump drainage system in the basement has now become a necessity. With a reliable drainage system in place, you can avoid the occurrence of flooding which usually cause unnecessary financial expenses and mental anguish to everyone in the family. A sump pump pit is part of the drainage system and functions like a container that collects water entering the basement and discards it through the sump pump.